Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrency with Crypto WendyO – DYOR 004

Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrency with Crypto WendyO – DYOR 004

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Intro: You’re listening to the DYOR Podcast where your host Tom Buonincontri helps simplify blockchain and cryptocurrency for investors and crypto enthusiasts. If you’re looking to learn about blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency, without all the hype, you’re in the right place. All opinions expressed by Tom or his guests on this podcast are their own and do not reflect the opinions of any organization they are associated with. This podcast is for informational purposes only and is not investment, legal or tax advice. Remember to always do your own research. Now here’s your host, Tom Buonincontri.

TB: Hey, what’s going on guys? Welcome to episode four of the DYOR podcast. I’m your host Tom Buonincontri and in this episode I’m able to chat with Crypto WendyO. You’ve probably heard of her. She’s all over Twitter and youtube. Wendy’s background is as a crypto trader. So in this episode we kind of just talk about technical analysis, some of the trends that she sees happening in the markets and what things new traders should kind of be looking out for when they were attempting the trade and hopefully making money in that regard. Wendy shared some really insightful stuff regarding his trading, which I had no knowledge of beforehand as well. So I learned a lot from this episode and I know you guys will as well be sure to stick around and listen to the whole thing and let me know what you think afterwards. So let’s get into the episode.

TB: All right guys, today I am here with the one and only Crypto WendyO, thank you for taking time to be on the show.

WendyO: Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it. It is a beautiful Sunday morning in California.

TB: Yeah, it’s beautiful on the east coast as well. So that’s very rare that we both have a nice days here.

WendyO: Yeah, no we actually, we have a little, it’s, it started sprinkling a little bit, which is Nice Cause Kelvin California, we need it. But it’s, I love Sundays are my favorite day of the week. They’re generally family days for me, so, and I appreciate you having me on

TB: Of course. So why don’t you please you start out with just telling the listeners a little bit about yourself and your background before you got into crypto.

WendyO: All right, so me, before I got into Crypto, I actually worked in healthcare for seven years. I worked for the largest nonprofit HIV AIDS foundation globally in the world. I did that and well, while I was working in pharmacy, I wanted to become a pharmacist because that’s generally in healthcare, you generally don’t get raises. You got to go back to school and you got to get extra degrees and whatnot. So I was like, okay, I’m going to go back to school and to become a pharmacist. Well, I soon found out that if I wanted to be a pharmacist, my income, my max income would be capped at like a hundred grand and I would have student loan debts of up to $300,000 to go to pharmacy school. And I was like, you know what? I don’t want to do this. I like helping people. I like working with people, but this is, you know, it was getting a little tiring for me.

WendyO:   I was doing commuting for a long time and I loved my patients and it was kind of hard for me to leave my job at the time because I was so used to having these two to 300 patients a month that I would see every month. And I would help them with their doctor’s appointments and you know, make sure that it’s compliant with their medication and dealing with their personal issues and all sorts of different things cause it was coordinating their care. But I finally, I needed to leave because it was just, you know, for family reasons and personal reasons. So I was like, okay, well I’m going to stay in school but I’m going to go into business because you know, everybody gets a business degree. So then right when I was making that transition, I found crypto, well I actually got it first, was introduced to it about 2011 2012 I had a family member who was living with my husband and I, and he was like, can I borrow your credit card and buy bitcoin?

WendyO: And I was like, like I was really young at the time and I was like, no, you’re not using my credit card to buy some weird thing on the Internet, like I’m not going to get my identity stolen. So he told him no, but then I kept hearing about it on Libertarian radio and I told my husband, I was like, you know, I kind of want to, because I’m very entrepreneurial. Like when I was in community college, while I was on my full time job, I had an Ebay store. I was selling like use designer clothing to pay for, you know, to pay for college cost. And I was always looking for something to, you know, to do always like always hustling and stuff. So I was like, you know what, I’m really interested in like learning about investments in alert, learning about different things as like, you know, I’m going to diversify my portfolio and I’m gonna buy some bitcoin. So I did right before I quit my job and then it kind of changed my direction as far as what I wanted to do in business school. And I figured out that I didn’t want to do finance because it was a little stuffy for me. And then I kind of started doing marketing in this space. I was like, I’ll just go ahead and get a marketing degree for fun. So that’s what that’s currently where I’m at now with my professional background and whatnot.

TB: Okay, cool. So you first heard about crypto back in around 2011 or so. What was it that made you, made it click for you and made you kind of go down that, that rabbit hole?

WendyO: Well, I kept hearing about it on the news cause I’m, I’m very libertarian and I kept hearing about it on the news and I was like, you know what, this is where this seems really interesting. You know, people are making money off it. It’s, you know, the value keeps going up. So in at the end of 20 or the end of November, 2017 that’s what I bought some of the bitcoin and some like coin in theory am I didn’t know anything about it. I just knew that I wanted to diversify my portfolio and I had no idea about market cycles or anything like that. And I just knew it was very tech advanced and I’m not a technical person when it comes to like computers or any of that type of stuff. So it was intimidating for me. But I also liked the challenge. I have an associates in math and I like challenges.

WendyO: So it kind of was intriguing to me that way. And then I saw people, like I got on crypto Twitter, I saw people trading and like making money. I was like, I could do this. So I then I taught myself technical analysis first I got wrapped in, you know, in the bull run cause I had no idea about profit taking and you know, how to trade and how to recharge and how to really invest in stuff. So I’ve got super wrecked and after I got revved I was like, okay, well you know what? I need to do something, I need to be proactive about it because to me crypto and bitcoin was about being responsible for your own decisions and kind of essentially breaking away from third parties and breaking away from the government. And that was something that interests me. So then I taught myself how to trade in. I started making a little bit of money and it was really cool.

TB: How did you go about that process of just teaching yourself technical analysis and trading in general?

WendyO: So what I did, and people troll me a lot for this, but I’m, and I’m very honest about all like anything about me, you guys can ask me anything I’ll tell you. But I went on Ebay and I bought used books and then I think it was like the idiot’s guide to technical analysis and the dummies guide to candlestick charting cause they were the cheapest books there for me to be able to learn things. I need them to be easy and I need the information to be digestible. I need like step by step stuff. And those books provided that to me. So I read those and I got a little versed as to what support resistance was and all that type of stuff. And then I found trading view and then I started just to chart bitcoin daily on trading bill. I used to draw timelines and support and resistance and then I started learning more about different indicators and trying different things that worked for me and it kind of clicked and I kind of, the way I view technical analysis is kind of how you would solve a math problem because no matter how the math problem was word or worded or how it’s presented, there’s a specific formula that you use to input the values and to solve it.

WendyO: And it’s just repetition. You do the same thing over and over and over. And the same thing with like a chemistry problem. So I would view training as a math problem and I would just, you know, slap on, you know, look for particular setups, look for special things. Yeah. And then I would just go through my steps, the same thing in the same repetition and it started to make sense and it started to click with me that way.

TB: So how long do you think it took you from the time that you started like charting bitcoin daily until you felt comfortable making that first trade?

WendyO: It’s took me a couple months because I felt calm. I felt comfortable with the steps and whatnot. And you know, I’m a very big advocate of paper trading and practicing and just, you know, discharging in general. But I wanted to actually practice and try it out. And so I went ahead and I did and it worked out. Not every trade I do is I’m, it’s not always winning. My stops get hit and there’s different things that happen. But you know, I started doing, I started doing okay and I felt comfortable, but I like, even to this day, I always trade with small amounts because there’s a lot that goes into trading besides just being good at charting or being good at technical analysis. You have human emotions and psychology and greed and all that different type of stuff. So me personally, I like to trade with small amounts because if I lose, let’s say I lose like a hundred bucks, it’s not going to seem as bad as if I lose like $1,000.

TB: Very true. So I think that’s interesting because I think that a lot of people when they first got into Crypto, it’s because when Lambeau, right, they want to make a quick buck and they want to be a millionaire very quickly. And the quickest way they think about that is just buying some of these things and flipping them, um, and just trading like that. But they often take a large sum of money by allied and like you said, they get wrecked very quickly because they don’t know what they’re doing. So what’s something that you think that beginners just starting out in this space should start before making that initial move?

WendyO: Me Personally, like learn what you’re doing. Learn, learn the charts. And the reason why I recommend people trade bitcoin is because the market essentially moves. When bitcoin moves, the market moves, regardless of the price action is positive or negative. The market moves. If you look at the total Quain market cap and you can spend that on trading view, generally bitcoin, etherium light coin and total all coin market cap, they all kind of follow bitcoin. They all kind of run together. So if you can kind of analyze bitcoin’s pattern and the way she responds to you know, different things that happen in the news or the market, then it’s going to kind of prepare you to trade all to other, other currencies. And the reason why each particular project or even if you want to get outside into forex and currencies or stocks or options or whatever it is, each particular product, and I’m going to, and I’m going to call it a product because it’s easier for me to explain that way cause they’re all different.

WendyO: But if you can learn, uh, a particular product and you can understand that cycle and how it reacts, it’s going to help you in the long run because each particular product acts differently. Like you can trade like Raven and ethereum and light point and they’re generally all going to act no differently except sometimes the Durham and like Queens, you run together. But like, let’s say you’re trading three different alt coins, they’re all going to run differently and respond differently. They’re all gonna, you know, act differently within indicators and support and resistance and with news and whatever. So that’s why I recommend people charting out, or excuse me, starting out charting bitcoin because it teaches you to remain diligent on one particular project before you start going in venturing into these other things. So you kind of know what to look for and whatnot.

TB: All right. I want to jump back to the trading thing in just a second. But you mentioned two things that I found pretty interesting there. The first was that when you said Bitcoin, you mentioned her as a she. So I just wanted to see if there’s any particular reason why you said that. And the other thing was, you happened to mentioned Raven coin as the first altcoin that you hadn’t mentioned there. So I’m curious to get your thoughts on that a little bit as well.

WendyO: So the reason why I called Bitcoin a she, and it’s kind of just for fun, it’s kind of to poke at all the male traders out there because I’m crypto Twitter is full of a bunch of Dick swingers. And as you know, if you’re, if you’re, excuse my language, but if you are a female trader or you’re a woman in this space, we catch a lot of slack. So I just kind of use that as just to kind of be fun and whatever. I’m not a feminist, I’m not like, oh my, I’m not like out here burning my bra and doing whatever. But you know, there is, there is a little bit of, you know, tension between the male traders and the female traders and when we catch a little bit of crap. So it just kind of fun to do that and whatnot. Um, so yeah, I like to, on Twitter, I do like to have a little, a little bit of fun and I do go at people and I do stand up for myself.

WendyO: So it’s just all in fun. We don’t know who created bitcoin. I don’t care if it was a man or a woman or a group of people or aliens, doesn’t matter to me. I just like what it does and what it, you know, what it symbolizes. And as far as Raven coin goes, the reason why I said that is because I am actively trading that now. I do like it and I am a little salty that when I first heard about it back in, um, last summer I was hosting meetups at my buddies OTC desk, crypto space in San Pedro. And Raven coin was listed on their ATM and it was like, I forgot what the price was. It was like a penny or maybe below or I don’t even remember what it was. And I just didn’t enter in at it. And I should have and I’m a little salty, so trading it now.

TB:  Okay. Yeah. And My, um, a good friend of mine, I had reached out when the project just launched and he’s like, listen, you could probably mind, this is called bereaving coin. And I thought it was a joke at first. I was like, what type of crypto currency is trying to be seriously called the Raven coin. But as I read the white paper and you know, I looked into Bruce and trans background a little bit more, I really saw the use case there and that’s definitely a project that I support strongly.

WendyO: Yeah, they’re doing, they’re doing cool things. And I actually like trading it because it’s, the price action audit is a lot of fun. Like you get these, you get these dumps, but it always, it always pops up like really, really well at, it always pops up and it will hit like, you know, Ballinger, bad SMA and then the top of the band and it’ll drop down to the bottom of the van and you can kind of just play it that way and make pretty easy 20% gains. And me going through the bare mark and I didn’t take, because I didn’t really know how to trade and I was kind of still learning so I just would hold on to my stuff and be like, okay well I want, I bought this coin and 50 cents so I want it to go up to a dollar and you know it’s going to go up to a dollar.

WendyO: But I didn’t take into consideration the market doesn’t care what you want your target to be. It’ll do what it wants to do. So instead of like huddling for like these crazy gains, cause I’ve lost like coins that I would huddle. Some of them are dead now. Some of them do. Listen, I’m from Topia, his dad, I lost money on that too. So I, if I can get a 20 or 30% profit, I’m going to take it and then I’m going to reenter back in when it hits that sweet spot. So I’m all about, I mean obviously I do like to keep a moving bag on some projects, but I’m not going to be not gonna. I do respect the people that huddle longterm and that believer projects and that’s totally fine, but at this point I don’t want to lose money so I will take profits now. Definitely take profits.

TB: No, I mean if that’s something that you feel comfortable doing and the risk associated with it, I think it’s smarter than you just holding a long longterm and I experienced that volatility back and forth.

WendyO: Yeah. You don’t know if something’s going to be delisted or not. Also because you know violence and all these other exchanges there do listing projects because a lot of these projects are dying. So if you’re holding on, even if something has really good fundamentals behind it, like it can, it can be delisted or the exchange could go down or like whatever it is. So it’s kind of like, to me personally, I’d rather make some profit. The way my portfolio is divided up, it’s mostly, it’s majority bitcoin. I want to say like 90% of it is like bitcoin and then like some ethereum tiny bit of like coin and then like some all, it’s like at this point, and I just want to, I just want to accumulate more bitcoin because I mean I appreciate, I respect all these projects. I view them mostly as small businesses and entrepreneurs and I love entrepreneurs, but I just, I’m a longterm believer in bitcoin.

TB: I feel like a lot of people are kind of gaining that viewpoint more and more, especially after the bear market just happened. Do you think there’s any particular reason why?

WendyO: I just think we’ve seen a lot of projects, like a lot of, so this is the thing with crypto and this is, this is my opinion. I know a lot of entrepreneurs, I, you know, my husband’s entrepreneur, I’m an entrepreneur, my husband’s old boss’s entrepreneur. I know a lot of entrepreneurs like some of my best friends are, and generally when you are an entrepreneur you come in and you’re really excited, you have a great idea, but you don’t have all the personality types to kind of support the entrepreneurial personality type. There’s a book that’s called the e myth. I don’t remember who the author is, but it basically says that entrepreneur consists of three personality types. The entrepreneur, the technician, and the manager, and being able to balance those three personalities is hard. It’s challenging and that’s why a lot of small businesses fail. And I look at a lot of these Kwame projects as small businesses.

WendyO: You have these really, really brilliant devs and these tech people that come in and they kind of, some of them don’t have social skills. Some of them don’t know the importance of marketing or a finance or having a legal team or any of that type of stuff. So there’s issues that occur within the PR, within projects and whether they like it or not, sometimes a lot of them, I want to say like 80% of entrepreneurs fail and that’s what’s happening to a lot of these coin companies. And I think people are starting to realize that like no matter how legit a project is or how well their marketing team is or how well their legal team is, a lot of these, you know, they fail at doing things not by choice and not because they’re scammers, but because they feel so I think people are starting to realize, you know, bitcoin is not governed by anybody. It’s kind of, it’s just there. It’s, you know, it’s open source, it’s deep, it’s completely decentralized and people see that and they think that they feel a little bit safer.

TB: I agree. I mean my biggest thing is just looking back and saying that bitcoin’s been around for almost 10 years at this point, 11 almost. It doesn’t rely on regulation and things like that. It’s been around, it’s going to be around even longer. And all these other cryptocurrencies that just popped up in 2016 2017 like you said, they might have a great use case or a great working product, but they might not have the marketing team associated with it to get the hype that maybe tron and Justin Sonal gathered just from his sweets or things like that. So it’s unfortunate when you see an entrepreneur with a really good product and they have an awesome vision, but they can’t just pull it together and make it well known. And that’s what we’ve been seeing a lot of.

WendyO: Yeah. And I feel like I feel bad because a lot like the community is very flawed because every, they call everything. Like if you lose money on something, everybody’s a scammer and it’s like, that’s not the correct word for a lot of like if you can prove that somebody actually scammed or his stolen money or his tad, you know, doing something illegal, then call them a scammer. But when you’re out here calling a project a scam because they failed entrepreneurs fail. Like you know your parents could have opened like a dress shop for example and they might not understand the importance of finance or having an accountant and just because they’re good seamstresses doesn’t mean that the dress shop is going to stay open. Like you have to take things into account and a lot of times it just, you know, things don’t work out. People have, you know, good views and you know they have good intentions but it doesn’t always work out. And I think that’s a, that’s a, that’s a conversation for a different time. But it’s a big problem in this space and we know we’ve got to give credit where credit steel and you know, be supportive of others.

TB: Yeah, I think it’s very similar to back in like 20 or even before that when bitcoin was just being used primarily for Silk Road and everyone just called it this weird Internet drug money. And now all of these other cryptocurrencies, all these old coins are just being called scams because of like one of two instances where a project founder actually did scam people out of it and all the rest of them just kind of get labeled like that, whether it’s true or not. So it was unfortunate, but I think the old coins that do last through this bear market and continuing into the bull market, they’re only going to get stronger from that. And we’ll see some legitimate projects arise from that, which I’m excited about.

WendyO: Yeah, no, definitely. I work, there’s a couple of projects that I work for directly and that I’ve done marketing and consulting for them and there’s a lot of people that are putting in the time and the effort now to really that bill and they’ve kind of been one of the projects I work for in represent monitoring and we’ve kinda been quiet through, you know, the bear market, but we’re actually like doing really, really cool things that are going to help aid with mass adoption. [inaudible] like update us, update us on what’s going on and we’re like, we’re working right now, like settle down. So I mean there’s, there’s definitely a lot of projects that are working and then doing those things. It’s just, you know, we just have to be patient and let, let people work. Let us get it together. You know.

TB: I’m curious, how was that transition going from like healthcare to marketing and like what’s your kind of view points on the whole marketing side of things for the crypto market?

WendyO: So when I worked in healthcare, I worked for the largest HIV AIDS Company Foundation, nonprofit foundation in the world. But the company was very, it was very unique and the way that they ran it and it was very disorganized. So I worked in a pharmacy and I was in charge. It was me and the pharmacist and I was supposed to, you know, I was supposed to just be fill in pill bottles. That was my job as to fill, fill the pill bottles and just be, you know, can do customer service, do cashier work. Well, it ended up not being that I ended up doing patient care coordination. I ended up having to kind of consult patients on personal matters. And you know, I had to help the social media marketing because their sales department was failing and they didn’t know what they were doing. So, so I started at like the Instagram page and I, you know, dealt with that type of stuff.

WendyO: I dealt with patient adherence and building relationships with my patients and you know, making sure they were getting, you know, taking their medication and doing what they’re supposed to do. I dealt with insurance billing, I dealt with creating financial reports for the farm, you know, the director of pharmacy for the company and then doing, doing correspondence like all on all different areas of the company because the company was super unorganized. So even though I wasn’t healthcare, I learned a lot of things about how to kind of talk to people and how to make things work and how to retain clients. So bringing those skills over into crypto and the marketing side of Crypto, that’s really helped because one of the things that crypto is, and a lot of these crypto companies are lacking. The, a lot of the companies are lacking social skills and how to interact with people and marketing is about getting a point, getting your point across to your target audience.

WendyO: And I was able to do that in healthcare because my goal was to get my patients to be, um, to make sure they pick their meds up on time, make sure they took their meds on time and explain to them, you know, different things about their medications. So honestly if I, if I was able to convey that message to that specific set of people, then I kind of took that, what I learned there, and I’m doing that now in marketing and I kind of, they take these complex idea that the, that these founders and CEOs and coin companies have, I’m able to break it down to words easy and reach their target audience. And it, it works. And it’s just kind of kind of just about talking to people and being relatable to people. Like the tech behind bitcoin and all these [inaudible] projects is amazing. At the end of the day, how many people actually are in work in tech and it’s not a lot. So if you’re not able to break these complex ideas down, make it easy for people and make their experience good and your, your project’s not going to survive.

TB: That’s so true. So I guess with all those skills that you just mentioned that you acquired, it was a natural transition for you to kind of start your youtube channel and grow your brand on social media.

WendyO: Yeah. So what happened? What happened with that was like, cause I’m, you know, I still trade like I trade part time, I traded for fun and it’s more of a hobby for me. But then you know, companies I might am I following, got grew, started to grow and then you know, people liked my chart so I was posting like weekly bitcoin updates cause I do that every Sunday night. I posted it after we get the weekly close at 5:00 PM pst, I post like a bitcoin summary of what’s going like, what kind of happened and what’s going to happen this week. And I keep like my is very simple. It’s not like crazy advanced and complicated because I don’t, I don’t like that. I like to keep things simple and I want other people to watch and learn. And so I was doing that and companies would reach out to me that, oh, do you want to do a paid revere or do you want to do sponsor to her?

WendyO: And was like, sure, that’s great. So I, I do that and I have that and I like, I actually enjoy being able to break these complex things down really, really easy and work with these companies and say, hey, you should do x, Y and z instead of this because people aren’t going to understand it. So I enjoy doing that and it kind of like doing the meetups and doing the youtube channel and being able to help others. It kind of fills a void that I had when I was working in healthcare because I was literally working with people like on a daily basis. I knew all I knew who their partners were, who their dogs, where their cats were there, their family history, their health history, all that type of stuff. I was able to actually make a difference in people’s lives. And I kind of, I feel that when doing like my youtube channel and doing like the meetups and all this stuff that I, that I do or even if I can help somebody understand what her Bolinger band is or what RSI is or what support and resistance is, it makes me happy knowing that I could posit pod’s positively impact somebody’s life.

TB: So do you feel like from your brand online and everything with all these meetups, do people primarily ask you more parading related questions or is it just crypto general questions overall?

WendyO: It’s a mixture of both. Um, you know, a lot of people left the market when the bear season was really bad. But it’s, I’m getting asked again to host the cause. I do basic ta meetups and all the meetups that I host are always for free for everyone. So I’m going to, I’ve been asked to host the basic ta meetups and basically what I do, they find a venue, generally crypto space in San Pedro. I go there and have my laptop and I go over the different indicators and different setups and we kind of analyze them together. And then of course if there’s somebody that’s more knowledgeable than I am, um, I invite them to come up and kind of help, you know, go over stuff with me or if somebody has any questions or whatever, like we, you know, we go over it together. It’s kind of like an open, like an open meet up to where people can come in and ask questions and learn and you know, teach me stuff too.

TB: That’s awesome. How long have you been doing that for?

WendyO: So I started doing that last summer and I was doing a meetup a week and I think I posted it over 24 crypto me, um, ta basics meetups and then yeah, to go back to school. So it was only doing it like once a month and then school got really hectic. So like in the market like was doing really bad and I would like get like, like I started getting, I was getting like 30 people to show up at then he’d ups and then I was started to be like five because like people left crypto. So then I was like, okay, well I’m going to take a little bit of break but I’m going to start doing those. Um, I’m going to actually start doing them again this summer. I’m going to do like one or two week and no get those going again because they’re, I enjoy doing them. They’re fun. I like meeting people, I like talking to people and you know, I like making, that’s how I make friends. Like there’s a lot of people that make friends online, which is great. But like any, I think I follow like 400 people on Twitter and I’ve met majority of them.

TB: Yeah, I mean there’s nothing that really replaces that person, the person face to face interaction. So I completely agree with that. That’s really cool. I’m, I’m sure a lot of people that attend those events get a ton of value out of that. I applaud you for just taking your time out and yeah. [inaudible] trying to share your knowledge and help people however you can.

WendyO: Thanks. I appreciate it. It’s fun. I mean when I first started I had, I had a mentor but he was really tech savvy and he would kind of help me with some of the technical stuff but not with ta, I didn’t really have anyone I can ask questions and sometimes on Twitter you don’t feel comfortable Deming somebody in answering because people are like or DME and asking questions cause people like share screen caps and they do all kinds of crazy stuff. So I want to just keep like, not, not a safe space because that sounds ridiculous but I want to keep like an open forum and a place for people to come and talk and you know to come ask questions and like I was like I don’t have a paid group and I’ll never charge for any ta like for meeting answer questions or any of that type of stuff. Cause I just think that I’d rather just help people and I’m considering opening like a telegram or like a discord to where people can network and they can talk and they can talk about how to host meetups or starting their own meetups and, you know, post ta and FAA and answered questions that way. So that’s something I’m considering doing. I just, I haven’t, I’ve gotta think about it.

TB: What’s your biggest hesitation with that?

WendyO: People, people on Twitter mean and they, you know, they, people talk a lot of mess. I take a lot of heat on there sometimes and I just, you know, I don’t want, I don’t, I don’t, I will never open a paid group ever. Like I always had people, um, contact me and they want no additional help. I say, well, I have friends that do this and you know, the people that I refer them to only charge like 30 bucks a month or something. But I just don’t, I don’t want any drama and I don’t want any hate and, and whatnot. So that’s probably the biggest thing is I just don’t want to, I don’t know if I want to deal with that, that whole drama that with and be like, oh she’s scamming and blah blah blah. She’s opening a paid group. Like we’ll see.

TB: How do you deal with like all of that criticism that you deal with it right now?

WendyO: It’s hard sometimes. Sometimes it gets really personal and it’s very hurtful because like if you’re a woman on crypto Twitter, you get called the B word, I’m an idiot and ugly. Those are, those are what people say, you know? And I know that I’m, I’m for sure I’m not stupid. So it just, yeah, it’s been a learning experience because I’m used to like in real life, like you, if you have a problem, like you come up, you say I don’t like you, I think you’re a jerk. And people fist fight and they then after that they have a beer. I grew up kind of punk rock, so it’s kind of hard for me to deal with people like hating online. Cause I know I’m never gonna get to meet them. But it’s also part of it, like the Internet is the ugly places. I’m just getting thicker and thicker skin.

TB: It’s just fucked up how people feel empowered behind their screens and you know behind their Twitter handles to just say this like ridiculous stuff. It’s so unfair that women especially, you have to deal with shit like this. It’s really fun.

WendyO: Yeah. I know men deal with it too. But it’s like I feel because women, we all have like I actually did a video cause I do, I started a new series on my youtube channel. It’s called mom tips cause I am a mom. I’ve got it amazing. Two and a half year old. But I’m talking about for this particular series for this mom tips, I’m talking about particular issues. Like I talked about paint groups, I talked about college, I talked about selfies. So I had a, I did a video talking about that. The way that you know, people, the words that they are, the names they call women online. It’s like women are, we’re very concerned with our looks and what not and that’s just because of how we’re raised. And you know the way society is and I feel that people, you know, they like to attack on that and it used to be like I was picked on when I was growing up like my whole life too.

WendyO: So I’m kind of used to it, but it’s still, it’s kind of Ross and I think that you should kind of like, if you’re going to say something about somebody come come with it. Like I think you’re stupid because when you did this interview, you said this and that was incorrect. Or you don’t know what blockchain tech is, or you don’t know what master nodes are. You don’t know what, how to trade because this like comp, like back it up with the fat. Don’t just say you’re, you’re a thought and you’re ugly and you’re stupid because you’re a woman.

TB: I mean it just shows you intelligence of the other person. Like behind that screen, they’re just going to go for a cheap shot like that. And just for what? Just to make themselves feel a little bit better. It’s just completely ridiculous.

WendyO: Yeah. But it’s part of it. And I was actually talking to someone earlier today, like somebody had made a comment on Twitter and it wasn’t about me and we were just like, this is crazy that people are like are talking about it. And I was like, yeah. And he’s like, cause I have a couple of female friends and like they have no interest in like some of them hold crypto and they have no interest in joining Twitter because they see some of the stuff that said and they’re like, I’m fine with Instagram, I like to post selfies. Like I’m not going to post a selfie on Twitter, like deal with this kind of crap. So I dunno. I think that we need to be better in the space and we need to, you don’t have to like somebody. But I think just the way we communicate with others, we should be a little bit more respectful.

WendyO:  There’s lot of things in society, you know, there’s a lot of people that unfortunately commit suicide or they feel voids and they feel sad and there’s a lot of that type of stuff going on. And I think that we should kind of be aware of other people’s feelings and instead of trashing them for asking a question or trashing them for making a mistake, we should be like, hey, you did this incorrectly. Try this or I can help you with this. We should be, we should be more supportive because at the end of the day or the crypto community is really, really small. Yes it will get bigger. But if we want mass adoption like everybody is screaming for, we can’t be judgmental and hurtful and harmful to people because it’s going to be a deterrent and people are already comfortable in their day to day lives. Like using credit cards is easy.

WendyO: Using their banks is easy. Using all, having access to all this stuff like it’s technology outside of crypto life is pretty easy. And with Crypto if you want to enter, they’re the barrier to entry in Crypto is having to actually do things yourself and be responsible, be your own bank. And in order for us to kind of attract more people, we need to not only make it easy, but we need to kind of walk in them and be like, Hey, if you have questions, I will help you. You know, obviously don’t give your private keys or passwords to people, whatnot. But you know, we need to be more helpful and you know, make people feel like, okay, if you have a question we’re going to help you instead of being like, we’re going to call you stupid. Because you don’t know. With blockchain is you don’t know exactly how a master node works and stuff like that.

TB: In your opinion, have you seen, you know, the Internet sentiment overall shifting towards that mentality a little bit more over the past year or so or not really?

WendyO: I think once like, it’s so funny because I, because I trade, so I kind of view, I kind of see, because I look at charts, like, you know, I post a lot of free content. I look at charts for my own trades and whatnot. So I can kind of like when prices going down, I can tell and I kind of stay off Twitter a little bit because even if price drops a little bit, you can see people just getting, especially traders, they start flipping out and they start trashing people and just getting all crazy so you can actually tell there’s a lot of big accounts and you can tell when they’re getting wrecked, like you could totally tell because they’re just, they’re happy one minute and the next minute they’re like freaking out attacking someone and it’s just pretty, it’s pretty sad and obvious. Couldn’t tell sediment by going on Twitter and you don’t even have to look at the chart.

TB: What do you think it’s going to take for the crypto community to just fully adopt that mentality and be more helpful and not as negative to other people trying to enter the market or that they just disagree with?

WendyO: I don’t know if it will ever change. I know that as we get bigger, it’ll be more, there’ll be more support for new people. But there you’re always going to have trolls and you’re always going to have negativity that arises. So it’s always going to be there. And I think just, you know, if you have a coin or you have a company just kind of having a like a community that’s, you know, willing to help and willing to be a part of and willing, you know, to put, to give their time and to help others. So I think we’re going to see, we’re going to see a lot more projects coming out with like with strong communities. I know like Queen’s got a super strong community and the digit by community and rapids and we’re just going to see a lot more people gravitating towards those communities and picking a coin just so that they can get the support they need. Because if you’re just out there, you know, in the wild, wild west of crypto Twitter, you’re not necessarily going to get support or kindness from people.

TB:  So over the past couple of years that you’ve been in this space, what’s been your biggest takeaway and what’s something that you wish you knew at the very beginning?

WendyO: I wish I knew about marketing market cycles. I had no idea about investing or you know, market cycles and how, you know, there’s ups and downs. So I wish I was more versed in that before I entered and I started investing because I didn’t know and it would’ve, it would’ve helped me cause I know I did lose money when I first got into Crypto, so that would have definitely helped me. Um, as far as that goes. And I just think that if people want to get into Crypto, I think it’s amazing. I think it’s life changing. There’s a lot of really, really great opportunities. You don’t have to be tech savvy to enter, you know, things are getting easier and easier. But one thing that I do you want to tell people is make sure you got it. When you’re investing in things or you’re looking into projects, make sure you guys do your own research.

WendyO: Don’t listen to some Avatar in Twitter. Don’t listen to me. Research things thorough you thoroughly yourself. And if you’re not sure, don’t take a trade and don’t buy something, just take a step back. And sometimes like with me too, there’s been a lot of trades that I’ve missed out of or projects that I should have invested that I didn’t. But it was because I kind of took a step back and yes I did lose money, but at the same time you have to be accountable for yourself and your actions and you know sometimes missing a trade or missing an opportunity is a blessing.

TB: That’s so true. And a lot of those times like once you take this step back, you’re probably limiting a lot of the losses that you probably would have experienced if you just dove right in blindly.

WendyO: Yeah, I definitely agree. And don’t listen to some like Avatar on Twitter. That’s like shilling something. Like if somebody is, so if somebody is posting charts about like a particular coin, like I always tell like I used to have it in my bio but I took it out. But chase red candles like you buy when prices are going down. Obviously use a stop and you know, make sure that it works good for your portfolio, but don’t just buy something because you’re seeing other people talk about it. And I post charts about this a lot. Like people are like getting all excited about Matic and you know this is going to keep going and keep going. Well I posted a Matic chart and I posted a BTC chart and if you look at the BTC chart, it would completely parabolic shot up and then it dumped like crazy and Matic is also started dumping.

WendyO: I don’t know if it’s going to dump as far as bt, TJ, but at the end of the day be careful because generally when we see these ios or these ics or whatever, hey, once they get listed, they pump and then they dropped down. They dumped. So just be really careful when entering into stuff and know, make sure just to, to do your research, do your own research and don’t listen, listen to your gut and figure out if it fits your portfolio and your risk. And reward factor. So always keep all of that in mind.

TB: I think that’s really important that people understand that because a lot of people, they get excited about things and like you said, they just see a ton of people online mentioning a particular all coin and they see like all these crazy gains happening and they wind up buying in at the top of something and then they go completely wrecked, which is awful to see.

WendyO: I mean that’s, that’s happened to me though. I bought, I bought a couple bags at the very, very top when I, you know, really didn’t know back in 2017 and you know, it was because I was your responsible and I didn’t, I didn’t understand. One thing that my mentor has always told me is that there’s always gonna be another bus. There’s always going to be another train. So don’t get caught up in the moment. If you’re not sure about something, listen to your gut and listen to, you know, listen to yourself. You know, how much money you’re investing, you know, you know yourself better than other people do. Just be it. Just be really careful when looking at stuff like we’re still early, there’s not a lot of regulations out there and we’re getting better at regulation, but you know, just be careful and be mindful that it’s like if you lose money, you’re not going to get it back either. There’s not a hotline you can call to get a refund on your transaction and never invest more than you can lose that you’re gonna afford to lose.

TB: I think that’s a really important piece of advice for people in understand as well. Just realizing that you’re the one making the investment and if you lose all of your money, you’re the one that’s hurting out of it. And you can’t blame some dot character on Twitter because he’s not the one responsible for you. You’re being your own bank, you’re making your own investment decisions. So you’re going to have to be able to live with that if you do lose a ton of money. So like you said, definitely don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

WendyO:  I hear that.

TB: All right. So, um, let’s wrap up here. Where do you see the market heading in the short term and over the longterm for the next like 12 months or so.

WendyO: I know halvings coming up, bitcoin havings coming up so we should, you know price is going to pump, it’s going to get crazy and everyone’s going to be excited. But I do see a lot of consolidation too. I also do believe that we’ve gotten anywhere between a 24 to 40% drop coming, so keep that in mind. It’s a, it’s fractal based ta and has previous patterns that have happened in the past. So just because bitcoin is going parabolic right now, it’s exciting. It’s fun. We’re going to have pullbacks so please keep that in mind. As far as price prediction goes, I do think that we are going to surpass 20 k I’m not going to give a date and time when that’s going to happen because I like to, and the way I trade and the way I look at the market, I like to analyze like week by week or day by day depending on like how I’m trading and what I’m trading. So I think the market is bright. I think the future is bright, but I think that we just need to be patient. Um, right now and kind of the companies grow and support projects that we like and support services. So services are extremely important in the space and we’ve got to support the ones that are doing the right thing.

TB: Definitely. All right, awesome. Wendy, how can people get in touch with you if they want to learn a little bit more about your technical analysis and just kind of get your viewpoints on the market?

WendyO: So I’m on Twitter. All my handles are Crypto WendyO. I’ve got a few impersonators on Instagram and on, on telegram. So I will never reach out to your company and asked to promote for your project ever. So if you guys see if somebody named Crypto, Wendy’s zero on Instagram, that’s not me, but all my handles are crypto window, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, uh, my, my website and if you guys want to get up and get in touch with me via email or more about my events, it’s Crypto, it’s Crypto [inaudible] at Proton And you have questions on Twitter. Just make sure when you guy, when you DME, you give me a summary. If you just say hi, I’m not going to respond. I think that’s fair.

TB: All right. Awesome. WendyO, thank you so much. I got, I learned a lot about this conversation, so I hope the listeners just get a ton of value from this as well. I really appreciate you taking the time to be on the show.

WendyO: Thank you so much for having me, Tom, and good luck with everything that you’re working on.

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